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Gordon Karre

Gordon Karre

PHOENIX/MARICOPA COUNTY ONLY: Gordon Karre is an avid birder from Mesa, AZ, and is very familiar with the many specialty birds to be found in and around the Phoenix area and Maricopa County.  Growing up in rural southwestern Nebraska, he has always had a keen interest in our fine avian friends.  This area of Nebraska is a key cross-over where many species cohabitate.  Childhood memories include nesting Indigo Buntings and a visit by a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.  Since relocating to Arizona 12 years ago the birding interest has grown.  He has led several field trips for Maricopa Audubon and has participated in many Christmas Bird Counts, Global Big Days, the annual Greater Phoenix Waterbird Count, and also assisted with the latest Rosy-faced Lovebird Census in the Phoenix metro area.  He is now retired and still enjoying the birds and thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge of the many species that can be found in Maricopa County and the Phoenix area.