Why bird with us?
Southeast Arizona, with its Sky Islands and deserts, its enormous variety of wintering birds and an astonishing range of breeding specialties, is a can’t-miss destination for birders from around the world. Our professional guides truly know this amazing part of the world and its birds, and their expertise can turn what might otherwise be a frustrating search into a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Arizona’s special birds. No need for you to worry about directions to remote sites, the often subtle identification of difficult or rare species, or where to find Tucson’s best green corn tamales: your guide knows all the details, leaving you to enjoy birding some of the most dramatic landscapes in North America.

Our guides
Simply put: Our guides are professionals, with an intimate knowledge of the landscapes and the birds of the American southwest and, often, extensive experience birding throughout the world. More importantly, all of our guides have years, even decades of experience in conducting formal tours and field trips, and every one of them has the essential ability to create a birding experience that suits your goals: from a leisurely day of wintertime birding from the car to a vigorous hike down a breathtaking Sky Island canyon. Our guides’ impressive birding skills are matched only by their adaptability, making a day or a week afield with any one of them the ideal birding experience for beginners and for expert target-birders alike.

What to expect
You will receive an immediate e-mail acknowledgment of your reservation, and your guide—either the specific guide you have selected or a guide assigned from our general calendar—will make contact with you within 48 hours. From this point on, all of the arrangements for your birding experience will be made directly with the guide, who will get a sense of your birding experience and goals, then create an itinerary to get the most out of your time in the field. You will normally be asked to provide transportation (your guide will advise you on what type of vehicle is appropriate—most of the famously productive birding sites in southeast Arizona are readily accessible in a passenger car). The fee and any deposits are payable directly to the guide, who will also be able to offer recommendations for lodging, dining, etc., during your stay.