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Chris Chappell


Chris Chappell has been birding and leading birding field trips for over 40 years. He has a particular gift in the realm of ‘birding by ear’, a skill which he continuously works to hone. His birding and field adventures have taken him all over the western U.S., Latin America, and beyond. Since 2015, he has been intensively exploring the amazing avifauna and biodiversity of the ‘Sky Islands’ region of SE Arizona. Chris studied ornithology in college and has worked on a variety of field ornithological research projects for several universities and agencies. He has a Masters degree in Forest Ecology, worked for many years as a vegetation ecologist doing conservation work, and integrates his knowledge and interests in bird behavior, bird habitats, and vegetation into his guiding. He has taught Birding by Ear, college-level field ornithology, and bird identification. Chris loves to bird with other people: sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for birds and nature, savoring the beauty and wonder of birds together, and sharing the thrill of the chase and the adventure of new discoveries, whether they be an unexpected rarity or your next lifer.

Chris launched Take Flight Birding and Nature Adventures as a ‘green’, ecologically-oriented business. This includes the idea of ‘Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse’, providing organic or local snacks, using natural and fragrance-free products, and minimal use of audio playback in the field. He can provide transportation for up to 3 people for a very modest fee, not only for the birding experience, but also to and from the airport and accommodations if you prefer not to rent a vehicle.