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AZ-Birding compiles the most exciting recent sightings in the state, cutting through the thicket of news, rumors, and reports for you. Check in often to find out what we’re seeing—and what we can show you on your next trip to Arizona.

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Notable Sightings in Arizona
Check = Sighting confirmed by an eBird reviewer
  Name Date Location
  American White Pelican 10 Oct Coachline Gravel Pit
  Lucifer Hummingbird 10 Oct
  Black-and-white Warbler 10 Oct Sweetwater Wetlands
  Cordilleran Flycatcher 10 Oct Sabino Dam and downstream riparian
Check Lucifer Hummingbird 09 Oct Ash Canyon B&B (Wed noon-dusk; dawn-dusk other days)
Check American White Pelican 09 Oct Coachline Gravel Pit
Check Rufous-capped Warbler 09 Oct Hunter Canyon
Check Slate-throated Redstart 09 Oct Hunter Canyon
Check Painted Bunting 09 Oct Buenos Aires NWR--Arivaca Cienega
Check Clay-colored Sparrow 09 Oct Buenos Aires NWR--Arivaca Cienega
  Horned Grebe 09 Oct Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch
Check Sinaloa Wren 09 Oct stakeout Sinaloa Wren, Huachuca Canyon--lower picnic area (2013-2015)
  Nanday Parakeet 08 Oct
Check Greater White-fronted Goose 08 Oct Watson Lake and Riparian Preserve
Check Western Sandpiper 08 Oct Avra Valley WTP
Check Tufted Flycatcher 08 Oct
Check Black-capped Gnatcatcher 08 Oct Florida Canyon--lower
Check Elegant Trogon 08 Oct Florida Canyon--lower
Check Zone-tailed Hawk 08 Oct
  Evening Grosbeak 08 Oct Hassayampa River Preserve
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